Another Early American class video, “What is Literature?”

As promised, here’s another video from my English 205, Early American Literature titled “What is Literature?”:

From the group:

“We focused our project around a central theme, “What is American literature?” we interviewed a diverse group of individuals ranging from an anthropology instructor and orientation director to college students our own age. We also asked our interviewees what they considered to be literature and if they thought it had changed over the past 20 years.”

They managed to capture a broad range of ideas. From a technical standpoint, what I like about placing this video as the second one in my postings is how their use of cutting back and forth between the interviewees contrasts so nicely with the first group’s video, “Uhhmerikuh”. These clips are much longer than the rapid ones from the first video. It’s not that one is better than the other, but they create an entirely different feel to the video as a whole. It’s interesting how much the students really know about this concept as well as their effectively employing it as a rhetorical strategy for the entire video. It’s also interesting to see/hear how including the questions also changes the feel to the interview.

It would be interesting to  teach a 101 freshman comp course using video essays at first to then try to translate their strategies to a written essay. I wonder if the visualization of videos, something which they know a great deal about because they have been watching movies their whole lives, would help the students to better understand the rhetorical moves within their own writing and how they might use similar strategies.

UPDATE: The next video…

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