Test post from Android device

Trying out a post from the WordPress app for Android. Seems okay if you need to edit something remotely,  but let’s face it: a real keyboard would be nice. But for short items,  it works fine.

I am now trying out androids dictation application. What do you know? It worked the first time!

The menu tagging and other editing features and menu options are pretty slick too. There are also the standard text editor features such as bold and italics.

Way to go, Android.

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  • Congratulations on successfully setting up your blog.

    (Are you on WordPress.com or is this your own installation?)

  • This is my own. I had some slight issues because I had a different domain, johnvictoranderson.COM originally being hosted by google with the account actually through WordPress. I recently moved over control of my domain to my .ORG site and set it up to redirect to the .ORG site. However, I also deleted the wordpress blog, johnvictoranderson.com, and doing so caused some confusion on my part about login names–which was different from the WordPress installation on my .org site.

    Anyway, to make a terribly long story short, it all is working now.

    Still looking for the perfect theme, but that changes daily, depending on my coffee intake 🙂 Maybe next year I will build my own. But comps first!

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