An uncle, technophile, and poet, I’m also working on my dissertation in the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s English department, concentrating in Folklore Linguistics Creative Writing. This blog started off as an experiment to test putting my voice into the public domain. After writing a number of different topics, I find that I’m more comfortable talking about How-to sort of topics, especially in the computer world, usually on tiny projects that I’m trying to work through myself. I was a programmer and tech jack-of-all-trades in a former life, and so I’m incline to look for or create tools that help me in the academic world. It seems that most people find their way here because of my entries on R (you perhaps?). But I’m also a digital humanist, and am interested in education reform, especially in the area of collaborative learning and so I try to write about my different experiences in implementing this concept in the classes I teach each semester. I have also been taking MOOC courses from different providers in topics ranging from programming to literature. Although I am interested in the topics themselves, I am even more interested in how such classes are structured as well as their use and implementation of different technologies.