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Defining Digital Humanities

I recently added an RSS gadget onto my Google homepage feed-reading the automated blog, Digital Humanities Now. A blurb from their About page:

Digital Humanities Now is a real-time, crowdsourced publication. It takes the pulse of the digital humanities community and tries to discern what articles, blog posts, projects, tools, collections, and announcements are worthy of greater attention.”

It has a wide, and seemingly random, range of topics. The layout tends to make for an initial ugly reading experience (crowded typeface and spacing hemmed in by even more crowded tweet-postings), however, you get used to it.

Today, I noticed a posting pointing to Matthew G. Kirschenbaum’s blog for a PDF article he is previewing, entitled “What is Digital Humanities and What’s it Doing in English Departments?” It doesn’t cover new ground, but it’s concise and offers a brief history of the term, aiming more at hesitant or bewildered English departments. Its concluding paragraph offers easy to pass along  verbiage that you can use to reply to colleagues who are asking, “Digital Humanities? What the heck is that?”